Bison HTA is a certified and authorized reseller for all products listed below.

All products available for demo in the Austin, TX area. Please reach out via the contact form to schedule a demo and for product options, availability, lead time and pricing.

It’s critical that anything we put our name behind represents state of the art capabilities, reliability, and performance. The products below were selected using direct, hands-on experiences in our own rooms as well as those of our clients. We stand behind these products 100%.


AVA Cinema Remote

We have been using this remote exclusively in our own theater since it began shipping a few months ago. Supporting both IR and IP-based contol, the AVA Cinema Remote provides tons of flexibility for controlling single and multi-room needs, even with equipment hidden away in a closet.

Cassini Subwoofers

You are likely new to the Cassini brand and line of subwoofers. Fear not. These subwoofers are part of the Harbottle audio family. They represent the pinnacle of performance for full range capabilities (5 Hz and up). The unique and compelling feature of Cassini subs is their strict adherence to Harbottle Audio’s LDLC engineering design.

LDLC stands for “Low Distortion, Low Compression”. The simple version, is that Cassini subs are guaranteed to deliver inaudible distortion, and less than 1 dB of compression through their full excursion capabilities (Xmax for our fellow subwoofer nerds) across the full subwoofer bandwidth.

The outcome for clients is fantastically accurate reproduction of all content with unmatched output capability. They are perfect for traditional theater design and calibration as well as newer technologies such as Dirac ART and Trinnov Waveforming.

Cassini offers single subs in sizes from 12″ to 24″ diameters and dual subs in 12″, 15″, and 18″ diameters to suit the needs of any space. Additionally, they are available both active, with the amplifier built-in, or passive with a rack-mount amp to keep wiring centralized and out of the theater space. Subs are available in a variety of finishes.

Trinnov Processors & Amplifiers

Does Trinnov really need need an intro? Trinnov’s family of processors and amplifiers represent the pinnacle of audio performance. Trinnov’s Altitude family of processors provide the ultimate flexibility to suit any use-case. Trinnov’s Optimizer room correction allows for fine-grained correction control unavailable in any other processor on the market. The Amplitude family of amplifiers are perfectly matched to the Altitude processors to provide high performance and low noise on even the highest sensitivity speakers.